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    Best Places to Study and Revise in Liverpool

    When you’re trying to complete coursework or revise for exams, it can be extremely easy to get distracted. Maybe you live in shared accommodation and find it difficult to get some peace and quiet. Or your university library is too crowded.

    If you’re looking for a place where you can really concentrate and get some work done, we’ve collected some of the best places to study and revise in Liverpool.



    If you fancy studying somewhere in Liverpool where you can replenish yourself with coffee and cake, Ziferblat is a great place to go. Unlike other cafes, Ziferblat doesn’t charge you based on what you eat or drink. Instead, you pay for how much time you’re there and the current price is fixed at 8p per minute. That means it doesn’t matter how many coffees, drinks, food or cakes you have during your time there, or how much WiFi you use, you’ll only be charged 8p per minute. Additionally, if you fancy a full day in the cafe, the price is capped at 4 hours so you’ll never be charged for more than that, even if you’re there from open until close.


    Central Library

    Liverpool’s Central Library is a great place to go to study if you’re looking for complete peace and quiet. Surrounding yourself with a wealth of books and knowledge can be incredibly motivating. You’ll be inspired to do some of your best work! Central Library also has free internet access for you to use and you never know, some of the books may come in handy with whatever you’re working on!


    Sefton Park

    If the weather is good, Sefton Park is an idyllic spot to go and study. Pack a picnic or take advantage of the lakeside cafe for refreshments. This is the most picturesque spot to get some studying in but has the downside of not having any internet access. But with 235 acres of Grade 1 historic park, beautiful monuments and features, it’s a great place to get some reading done.


    If you’re studying at our Liverpool English School hopefully these spots will come in handy whilst you’re studying.