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    4 Things To Do Whilst Studying in Dublin

    Having recently opened our English school in Dublin, we thought it would be a great idea to write about why Dublin is such a great city and what kind of fun and educational things there are to do there whilst studying. When you relocate to another country you want to immerse yourself in the new culture and really make the most of your time abroad.

    If you’re an international student looking to take an English language course in Dublin, here are 4 things you can do whilst you’re over there.

    1. Take A Tour

    Whilst studying is important, it’s also important to take some time out to explore the country you’re in. And there’s so much to see in Dublin! One of the best ways to see as much as possible is to take a tour and there’s plenty of tours to choose from in Dublin. The Wild Rover Tours offers one day bus tours from Dublin to a range of amazing locations around Ireland.

    2. Learn Some History

    Dublin and Ireland as a whole has a rich history so it makes sense to explore this whilst you’re there. Dublin has a range of historic sites and museums to visit that will help you learn about the city’s and the country’s history, culture and heritage. Some notable places to visit include Kilmainham Gaol, Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, Glasnevin Cemetery Museum, Jeanie Johnston Tall Ship and Famine Museum and Dublin Castle.

    3. Embrace The Beauty

    Dublin is a fantastically beautiful city. Not only does it have a range of wonderful parks and gardens to explore, such as St. Stephen’s Green, National Botanic Gardens and Phoenix Park it has scenic hiking trails, equestrian trails and beautiful mountains – Sugarloaf Mountain. If that wasn’t enough, there are beautiful bodies of water to visit, including The Forty Foot and River Liffey, and even beaches when the weather is good – Dollymount Strand and Sandymount Strand. Dublin really is fully packed with all kinds of beautiful places to visit.

    4. Enjoy The Music Scene

    Ireland has a vibrant music scene and Dublin is no different. In January, there’s something called TempleBar Trad Fest which features over 200 performances of traditional Irish music and dance throughout the city. But this is just one of many opportunities to see, hear and get involved with traditional Irish music and celebrations in Dublin. It’s a great way to really understand Irish folk traditions and immerse yourself in the culture.


    Contact us at NCG to enquire about attending our IELTS course in Dublin.