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    5 Best Places to Study Outside of a Library in Manchester

    Manchester is home to our English Language School and many international students from all over the world come to study English is this spectacular city. During your studies though, every now and then, you’ll want to find a quiet spot to get those creative juices flowing.

    Luckily there are plenty of superb study places littered throughout the city, including many magnificent libraries, such as the iconic Central Library, the oldest public lending library in the UK.

    However, perhaps you’re searching for a relaxing change of scenery from the book stacks, to get your head down for some studying. If so, we’ve got 5 of the best places to study in Manchester, which provide an alternative from the nearest library…



    The well known place for brew lovers, Leaf, is definitely one of the most popular alternative study spots in the city. Located on Portland Street, the independent tea shop provides a rustic charm with its delightful decor and arty ambiance.

    It’s a place with a homely feel, perfect for students who wish to study on comfortable vintage furniture in a cosy atmosphere. It offers plenty of choice, with over 50 teas and plenty of home baked goods to help keep those energy levels topped up.  



    Ziferblat is a place that turns the idea of getting a coffee and having a sit down for some studying on its head. The quirky and innovative little cafe works on a pay-per-minute plan, so rather than paying for what you eat and drink, you actually pay for the amount of time you spend inside. The cost is 8p per minute, capped at four hours.

    So essentially you not only get a good revision base for some studying, with plenty of places to plug in, you also get to eat and drink all the cake and coffee you need. It’s located, like most Manchester oddities, in the Northern Quarter and again the interior seems purpose-built to make you feel at home. With bookshelved walls and a serious Hogwarts vibe, this cosy environment will have you feeling settled and ready to work in no time.


    North Tea Power

    Sticking firmly in the Northern Quarter, North Tea Power is another quaint cafe that has become a favourite amongst students. The cafe boasts handcrafted coffee and loose-leaf teas, as well as offering an array of study fuelling snacks.

    There’s space for everyone, with communal benches for group work, or two person table revision spots for some solo revision.


    Nexus Art Cafe

    This curious creative cafe allows those wishing to study to have a cup of coffee and a snack, whilst being surrounded by modern artwork from emerging creative practitioners. It’s classed as a not-for-profit café and arts venue and is located on dale street in the Northern Quarter.

    The cafe’s remit is all about community, inclusion, respect and hospitality, which all sounds great when you’re considering settling down there for some study work. It certainly has the student vide going for it, with a variety of quirky seats and decor oozing with inspiration. You can work alongside like minded people inside, whilst enjoying the chilled and safe atmosphere.


    Font Bar

    Font Bar is one of those places where by night it’s a cool place for some cocktails and to start a night off with friends, but during the day it can be a quiet and comfortable place to study.

    The bar is really relaxed in the afternoon and the downstairs area is also a great spot to grab a coffee and get down to some work. It’s located close to Oxford Road, which is always teeming with students, so you’ll soon find yourself studying around like minded people.

    These superb study venues are ready and waiting to cater for all of your studying needs in Manchester.


    If you’re on our English language course in Manchester, you’ll get the chance to try them all out and there’s plenty more throughout the city.

    Manchester is an ideal place to study English, so don’t delay – check out our English speaking course today.


    If you know of any other great places to study outside of a library in Manchester, then help us out with your suggestions on our Facebook and Twitter pages.