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    How to earn extra money as a student

    It’s common for students to have part-time jobs whilst they’re studying. Not only does it enable you to put a little extra cash in your pocket, but it looks good on your CV and will serve you well once you start looking for a full-time job post-graduation.

    Some students think the only kind of jobs they can do whilst at university is bar work and retail. But that isn’t the case.  

    There are a number of different of jobs you can do that don’t involve night shifts at bars or long weekends in a department store.



    If you are extremely knowledgeable about a particular subject you can take up tutoring as a way of making extra money. For example, you could work as a language tutor. This can earn you a lot of money and you could teach either secondary school pupils, or your own university classmates.


    Temp work

    If you’d like to work in a variety of different roles, on a flexible basis, temp work might be the thing for you. You sign up with an agency and get offered different types of work as and when it is needed. Sometimes it’s a full day, sometimes it’s a few shifts for a week or it could just be for a couple of hours. It’s great way to make extra money without being tied into a permanent contract.


    Work at university

    Working on campus is one of the most convenient ways to make money. You could work as a student ambassador who helps out around campus when certain events or special activities are happening. You might also be asked to visit schools to speak about your university.


    Resident Supervisor

    When you’ve completed your first year at university, you could choose to stay in your university halls as a live-in supervisor. You would be the person students come to if they have an issue with their rooms, acting as a middleman between them and the university. You could get paid for this role, or, simply have your living costs paid for by the university (which would save you money).


    Take part in focus groups

    If you’re not looking for part-time work but would like some extra cash here and there, taking part in focus groups can be an easy way to get some money. A lot of them pay you for their time and others give you vouchers or free products. It’s worth doing as it’s pretty easy to do and the focus groups tend to only be for around 90-120 minutes.


    If you’re thinking about studying at our Manchester or Liverpool English School it’s good to know how to make some extra money.