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    Exploring Manchester With Public Transport

    Like many European cities, Manchester is well known for its wide range of travel options connecting the most popular attractions and areas within the city centre.

    Although the public transport networks can seem slightly confusing at first, the central location of New College Manchester means that it’s really easy to get around, and many of the city’s best travel networks can be accessed just outside of NCM!

    So we’ve gathered tips from Manchester students and residents to find out the best travel options for you. We’ve compiled the free, the far-reaching and the most popular routes so you’ll be able to explore the city with ease.

    Free City Centre Travel

    The Manchester Metroshuttle service is completely funded by Manchester City Council and allows free reliable travel all over the city. With 3 colour coded routes (1, 2 & 3) the Metroshuttle bus service is really simple to use when you’re new to the city, and in most cases, the driver will be happy to help if you are unsure of exactly which route you should be taking.

    The buses run from all the major train stations (Manchester Piccadilly is ideal for New College Manchester students) and generally runs from 7am-7pm during the week and from 8 am and 10 am on Saturday and Sundays. As many Mancunians will testify, the service is really useful and covers lots of popular attractions around the city. There’s even an Android app too, so make you sure download it for on the go route information.

    The Tram Network

    Manchester city centre is really well serviced by a comprehensive tram network and this is a great way to get around if you simply want to cut down your journey times or visit other areas of the city.

    You can travel for free on the Metrolink tram system if you have a valid ticket from a Greater Manchester station to one of the city centre stations, but if you’re living and travelling in the city then there are also self-service pay stations at the tram stops. The most convenient stop for our New College Manchester students is Piccadilly Gardens and from here you can travel to numerous popular destinations around the city centre.

    The running times of the trams vary significantly as there are so many routes servicing the city centre, but there’s a helpful Metrolink website you can use to plan your journey.

    Exploring the Countryside

    You don’t have to travel too far from Manchester city centre to enjoy the countryside and there’s plenty of reliable trains that will quickly transport you from the hustle and bustle of the city to some of the most idyllic countryside scenes. We recommend the Hope Valley line (from Manchester Piccadilly) for a beautiful journey and numerous beautiful destinations.

    On this route, you can hop off at Hope (for the pretty village of Castleton) or explore Edale or Ladybower reservoir (Bamford stopping point). It’s well worth taking comfortable walking footwear and a waterproof jacket if you take this route, but if you enjoy the great outdoors there’s really a no better way to spend a weekend.

    Travelling To Popular Student Areas

    We have mentioned popular student areas in the blog before and a ‘student area’ basically refers to a part of the city that attracts students both because of its amenities and a high volume of student housing. A student area doesn’t necessarily have to be right on the doorstep of a college or university either and you may sometimes want to travel to a popular area of the city for social or cultural reasons.

    Luckily most of our accommodation is within walking distance of New College Manchester, but if you would like to travel to Oxford Road (where the universities, Natural History Museum and numerous restaurants are located) then you can get the 14, 16, 41, 42, 43, 43a, 44, 45a, 48, 111, 140, 142, 157, 250 buses from Piccadilly bus station (located in Piccadilly Gardens).

    If you would like to travel to Wilmslow Road (Rusholme) for the wealth of authentic halal restaurants and food stores then the best bus route to use is the 42, 43, 142 or 143 from Piccadilly Gardens.

    We hope that has made the city’s travel options a little easier to understand and shown you the best ways to explore the city centre and beyond. We’ve included the links to the travel providers so you can plan your journey, but if you’re a little unsure of your bearings then our friendly team at NCM will be more than happy to help.