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    New Years Resolution: Learn a language

    Setting yourself a new year’s resolution to learn a language is a rewarding challenge that offers a wealth of social and intellectual benefits.

    Travel and learn

    If you’re a keen traveller, what greater excuse is there for adding another country to your agenda than learning its language? Immersing yourself straight into the language and culture will provide a rich, organic experience of how it is used in a variety of everyday situations.

    When you arrive, surround yourself with the language in all of its forms and practice as you explore the sights. Listen to locals speaking – can you understand what they are talking about? Decipher words in newspapers, leaflets and on signs, read food labels in supermarkets. Set yourself the challenge of ordering food and drink when dining out, or making a purchase using what you have learnt. The opportunities to test your new skill are everywhere.

    As your language skills develop, your travel opportunities enhance. The more you expose yourself to the target language, the easier it is to understand and to learn as you go.


    Employers, colleges and universities across the globe are on the lookout for versatile, multi-skilled candidates. The ability to speak a second language is both a valuable and desirable skill that will make you stand out from other individuals.

    Learning a new language in 2016 will be a great investment in your future, pathing the way to more diverse opportunities that will likely enhance your career prospects.

    Where to start?

    Set realistic goals

    It takes time, patience and dedication to learn a new language, so if you want to stick it out past January, it is important to remain focused and realistic.

    Breaking down the overall challenge of learning a language into manageable tasks will allow you to pace yourself and measure progress along the way. For example, task yourself with learning a new topic each week to gradually develop your vocabulary, be it numbers, colours, animals, ordering food in a restaurant, or telling the time.

    Start a course

    Signing up for a language course is a great way to kickstart your learning as well as well as making it possible to meet other people from all over the world who share the same interest.

    Language courses are generally run in small groups by experienced teachers who are able to provide you with detailed lesson structures as well as feedback and advice on your progress. This will help you build a firm foundation of language skills, and the confidence to use them.

    Here at New College Group, we offer wide a range of dynamic English courses to suit all abilities. We aim to make each of our students feel like part of one big family where we can learn together, socialise together and create special memories to last a lifetime. If you’d like to find out more about our courses and facilities, please talk to us today!