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    Preparing For The Start of University in September

    September is almost here which means the start of university is just around the corner. You may have just finished up an English language course and looking forward to the beginning of university. Whilst you should be excited for your new adventure, you should spend some time preparing for this transition. This way, you can cut out any unnecessary stress and really enjoy your time at university.

    Here are a few things you should have ready:



    Hopefully your first choice accommodation will have been confirmed by now. If not, it’s best to speak to the housing office of your university. Chasing them now is better than waiting until you arrive. If you haven’t got your prefered choice or haven’t been allocated anywhere, speak to them anyway. They may be able to help find you on-campus accommodation. If not, they might be able to point you in the right direction of approved landlords and nearby private student accommodation.

    Personal documents

    Ensuring you’ve got all the relevant documentation in order is vital. Your university should have emailed you everything you need to bring as an international student. This will include things like examination certifications, language certificates, passport, and visa. Once you get to university you’ll also need to get your student ID which may require some passport sized photos. Even if you don’t need them, it’s helpful to have some anyway.


    Course information

    Most universities send through course information and other bits of information before the course actually starts. You should have been given access to your student email address by now with your username and logins. Regularly checking your email will ensure you stay up to date with any important information. Some tutors like to send through reading materials for the course that you need to stay up to date with before the course starts. You don’t want to be left behind!



    You’ll need to have your tuition fee paid or at least a method of paying your tuition in place before you arrive at university. Looking at good student bank accounts is a great idea and NUS (National Union of Students) will be able to recommend a few for you. Getting a bank account is also beneficial if you plan on getting a part-time job whilst you’re studying.

    Insurance is also something you should look at to keep yourself and your possessions safe. There are various different types of cover available and the NUS recommends Endsleigh as a good student insurance provider.
    Other than that, you should be just looking forward to the start of this new adventure. University is a thrilling and exciting time where you’ll learn a whole host of new skills! If you’re looking to brush up on your English at all we have course to study English in Manchester and in Liverpool. Contact us for more information.