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    The Best Museums to Visit in Dublin

    The city of Dublin offers plenty of possibilities for students to savour the rich history and culture, which made Ireland’s capital the place it is today.

    It’s a truly stunning and captivating city, which is why you can get the chance to study English at our English Language School in Dublin. If you decide to enrol and want to really soak up the history and heritage as you study, then visiting one of the many magnificent museums throughout the city is a must.  

    So, we’ve put together a quick list featuring some of the best museums to visit in Dublin…


    National Gallery of Ireland

    Located in the heart of Dublin, this mid-19th century museum is full of fantastic works of art. Founded in 1854, it’s doors opened ten years later, and since then it’s housed an extensive collection of the finest Irish art.

    Students who visit will be able to immerse themselves in galleries brimming with Irish and European masterpieces. With over 2,500 paintings and 10,000 artworks in other formats, there’s no shortage of things to see. Centuries worth of works are on display, from pieces by Picasso and Monet, to the works of Vermeer and Van Gogh.

    A good sense of the city’s art world can also be gathered here from the works of Jack B Yeats, arguably the best-known Irish painter of the 20th century.


    The Irish Museum of Modern Art

    Officially opened in 1991, the Irish Museum of Modern Art is known as Ireland’s leading national institution for contemporary and modern art. It’s actually housed in a striking 17th-century building, the Royal Hospital Kilmainham, which served as an infirmary and retirement home for military veterans for well over two centuries.

    The Museum plays host to thousands of visitors every year and treats them to numerous exhibitions and collections by many prominent contemporary artists. Students can explore the wide variety of art, alongside beautiful gardens, interactive sculpture and mazes. The programme of exhibitions regularly rotates, and the museum aims to create more widespread access to art and artists in Dublin.


    The Little Museum of Dublin

    Located in an 18th-century Georgian terrace on St Stephen’s Green, this relatively new museum is known as a people’s museum of Dublin, and does things a little differently. Using a handful of rooms full of various exhibitions, it takes visitors on a tour through Dublin in the 20th century.

    Since opening in 2011, visitors can enjoy exploring the history of the city and how it has evolved over the last century. It houses over 5,000 artifacts, donated or loaned directly from the people of Dublin, and provides a digestible cultural insight into the city and Ireland as a whole.

    All the collections inside feature art, photography, letters, ephemera and more to really give visitors a strong understanding of the city and its people.


    Ireland’s Natural History Museum

    Natural History Museums have popped up in every European capital but that doesn’t make Dublin’s any less impressive. Built in 1856, the museum now houses magnificent zoological exhibits, and receives thousands of visitors a year.

    It’s been dubbed a “museum of a museum” due to the fact that little has changed with the collections inside and the with the buildings itself since Victorian times. The exhibitions showcase a wide-ranging and comprehensive zoological collection, with over 10,000 specimens and over 2 million items on display. From Irish fauna, to an exhibition on the steps of evolution – there’s so much to see. There’s even an Irish Room, on the ground floor, which displays numerous animals and insects native to Ireland, or that were at least found in Ireland. In particular, several mounted skeletons of giant Irish deer, along with a striking basking shark skeleton that hangs from the ceiling.


    Dublin Writers Museum

    Of Course Dublin has a rich and interesting literary history, which is why many students choose to study English there. So, for those with a love for the literary world, the Dublin Writers Museum provides a way for enthusiasts to the life and secrets of the most famous Irish writers.

    Housed in an original 18th-century house and opened in 1991, the museum is located in Parnell Square, in Dublin. It was established to promote interest in Irish literature through its extensive collections and displays. Many artefacts from prominent writers are displayed here, including rare first edition books, written in by the author’s themselves.

    Many portraits of well known Irish writers can also be found here, including original works by prominent artists. The museum acts as a centre for experiencing the phenomenon of Irish writing from a distinctly Dublin perspective.

    There’s plenty more where they came from, and you can get the chance to explore them all if you decide to enrol on our English Language Course in Dublin.


    Dublin is a perfect place to study English, so please take a look at our English speaking course today, and start learning against the backdrop of this amazing city.

    Help us enhance our list of the best museums to visit in Dublin with your suggestions on our Facebook and Twitter pages.