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    Business English – Why is it important to learn?

    Many international students choose to study a course in Business English as a means to improve their career and educational prospects. The English language itself estimated as the 3rd largest mother tongue in the world. This further enhances the importance of Business English as the global marketplace treats it is a prerequisite to modern international cooperation.  

    What is Business English?

    There are different types of English language courses that you can take in order to enhance your English skills. Business English is a specialised part of English that targets the language that is most commonly used in the world of business. Business English differs from General English in that it is specifically targeting corporate language rather than everyday, conversational English.

    Why is Business English important?

    Studying Business teaches you the vocabulary that you would use in business and the working world. As well as learning corporate-speak, you also learn how to do business related tasks that would be the norm in general working settings. These include things like business writing and reports, how to deliver presentations, put forth opinions and conduct meetings.

    Other aspects of learning Business English can include writing letters and emails, applying for roles and understanding job profiles. Some Business English courses can also prepare you for life in a corporate, office environment.

    Students who are looking to study, and eventually work in, subjects such as finance, law, politics, marketing and trade, can find Business English useful to learn. You can usually find specialised Business English courses for your specific subject too if you want to study further once you have completed your Business English course.

    Why study Business English?

    English has developed to become the universal language for business around the world. English unites people and companies from different backgrounds, countries and languages and allows them to communicate in a clear and effective way. That’s why Business English is so important to study if you want to work in this sector. Having a good grasp of English that you can apply to business will be an attractive asset to employers.

    If you want to live and work abroad in the future, in an English speaking country such as the UK or the USA, you’ll need to be able to understand English business terms. Especially if you’re looking to find work in your chosen field.

    Applying for a Business English course

    Here at NCG, we provide a comprehensive Business English course that covers, customer relationships, presenting in meetings, advertising and marketing and sales pitches. You’ll learn the skills you need to function well in international business situations, improving your Business English terminology and grammar along the way. You’ll practice reading, writing, listening and speaking in a business context to boost your employability and help get you the job you want.