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    Combining Social with Study? It Matters

    One of the things that really seems to enrich our student’s experience is the wide variety of trips and social events we put on at New College Manchester. Whether it’s a trip to Manchester’s famous (and free!) museums or getting your voice heard in the Conversation Club, we understand that a fulfilling English language course is about sharing and practising your newfound skills outside of formal lessons.

    We also know that each of our students has unique interests. If you want to join us on our football nights, then fantastic, but if sports are the last thing on your mind then we have plenty more cultural events, trips and Manchester tours to keep you entertained! Please take a look at our social events calendar to see exactly what we’ll be doing over the coming months, we’re sure there will be something you can’t wait to try during your time in the city!

    In the meantime, we’ve highlighted some of the reasons why ‘getting involved’ goes beyond having fun and practising your language skills. Of course, meeting new friends is a fantastic element of our social events, but taking part in extra-curricular activities can really bolster your CV and university applications too.

    Why Should You Take Part?

    Meet all of our lovely students!

    You may be feeling nervous before coming to Manchester, but at NCM all of our students are in exactly the same position, so it shouldn’t take too long at all to make some fantastic new friends! Socialising is probably one of the most effective ways to combat any homesickness and with events and activities taking place practically every day of the week, you can start socialising with your class-mates almost as soon as you arrive. Remember, missing home during your first few weeks in Manchester is perfectly normal, so please share any worries or concerns you may be having with our friendly staff or a trusted friend, chances are they’ll know exactly how you’re feeling!

    Experience UK Culture

    We may love Manchester, but our little Island has so much to see that we thought it worth taking Saturday trips to some of the most popular destinations! From visits to North West seaside towns (take in the Victorian piers) to countryside excursions, appreciate the best the UK has to offer without venturing too far away from Manchester.

    Employers and universities have come to expect more than just academic qualifications from prospective students and including those extra ‘bonus’ activities on your CV can really make you stand out. Took part in the Conversation Club? From a university admissions perspective, this will show you’re a confident speaker and can form a cohesive and fair argument; all useful skills when it comes to carrying out your assignments!

    What’s On?

    • Comedy nights – English comedy may be new to you (we’re very much known for our ‘irony’!) but we’re a real nation of stand-up comedy fans, so this is a great night for appreciating a little pop culture and getting a taste of that infamous British sense of humour!
    • Walking tour of Manchester – completely free and a great way to get to know your way around the city, the walking tour sets off every Monday morning – perfect for our new students.
    • Conversation Club – again completely free and a great way to practise your English whilst getting your voice heard.
    • Sport – From trips to our resident football grounds to swimming at the Manchester Aquatics centre we’ve got plenty on for serious sports fans and those just wanting a little exercise in the city!
    • Museum Trips – Marvel at the Natural History Museum or be taken back in time by the Imperial War Museum, Manchester is famous for its fantastic selection of museums. At NCM we practically visit them all, and best of all, in many cases they’re free.
    • Day Trips  – As mentioned, Manchester is great, but there’s plenty more to see too! From seaside trips to city exploring, our regular trips take place at the weekends – perfect after a week in lessons!
    • Cinema – in Manchester we’re lucky enough to have several vast cinemas and an impressive 3D IMAX screen, we’re truly a great city for catching up on the latest blockbusters.

    We hope that’s introduced you to our fantastic range of social activities and demonstrated how you can make the most of the city (and country!) during your time with us. For more information about any of our courses or social events then please get in touch with our friendly team for help and advice.