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    Personal Problems? Help is Available

    Moving away from home to study at an English language college or university can be challenging for new students. In fact, if truth be told, it can be difficult moving to a university 60 minutes away from home, let alone thousands of miles away!

    At New College Manchester, we’re friendly, understanding and offer our students all the support they need when settling into a new country and a new home. We understand that it can be a big transition. Within a short period of time you’re expected to get used to a new city, a new course and all the new faces that come with it.

    Many students even find that although they’re having a great time and making plenty of new friends, sometimes they can still feel a little homesick. This is perfectly normal and help is available for those times when you need someone to talk to. Whether it’s a formal talk with a staff member or a quick chat with a friend if things get tough, speak out – it’s what we’re here for.

    Struggling to settle in?

    Moving to a new city and starting a new course can take up all your time and energy and sometimes making new friends doesn’t happen as quickly as you’d hoped. The great thing about New College Manchester (and generally universities all over the country) is that everyone is in the same position. Your fellow students will be just as nervous as you and with so many social activities bringing everyone together, it doesn’t take long to form lasting friendships with students who share your interests.

    At your college or university there should be a society (club) for your country or language, and if there isn’t already, you can create one yourself! At New College Manchester, we have a Conversation Club for our students to combine their social lives with English language practice, but even if your English is perfect by the time you start university, getting involved in a society is  a great way to kick start your social life.

    University Organisations and Student Counselling

    In the UK, our universities are generally really well set up to deal with any difficulties students may be having, be that personal, financial or academic concerns. For international students counselling can be an unusual concept, however, as you may not have any such services in your schools at home. Some international students even think counselling is only for really serious conditions.

    In UK universities however, counselling is open to everyone and can be particularly useful for students who may suffer from stress, anxiety or who have suffered a painful loss (this is called bereavement counselling). Counselling isn’t anything to be ashamed of and you can be referred by speaking to your personal tutor or a doctor.

    Counselling can also be available in the form of informal group sessions and some universities offer skills sessions in the lead up to exam periods to help students deal with stress.

    Most universities and colleges also have separate departments dedicated to housing, finance and international students so if you have any immigration concerns or you aren’t happy with the quality of your accommodation, there are whole teams on hand to help.

    At New College Manchester our staff fully understand the needs of international students and we’re always available to assist you with any personal problems or academic concerns. If you’d like to find out more about about our English language courses then get in touch with our friendly team.