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    Course and Career Confusion? Our Top Resources For Exploring Your Options

    At the moment we’re sure you know many a graduate (or soon to be graduate!) floundering over their career choices and fretting about job applications that seemingly disappear into the CV black hole. Quite simply, it’s that time of year again, spring is here and bright eyed and bushy tailed students are looking ahead to summer graduation with a mix of excitement and trepidation bubbling below the surface.

    For a lucky proportion of those soon to be fully fledged academics, a graduate job may have been secured for months (or possibly even years in the case of summer placement students). For many though, not only is the job hunt proving fruitless, but some aren’t even sure what to do with their shiny new qualification. At New College Manchester we know that graduation brings an equal mix of elation and worry (trust us we know!) Luckily, graduates are generally a well nurtured bunch and there’s some fantastic sites out there we think every proud degree holder should be familiar with. Unsure, confused? Take a look…


    Prospects is a fantastic resource and one of the real biggies for students, graduates and career hunters looking for a little helping hand. This site focuses on pretty much everything that could possibly ail a graduate and brims with careers advice and top tips tailored for both home and international job seekers. From whole sections focusing on effective CVs, interview practice and options with your degree to help when things don’t go to plan (i.e. switching your course) Prospects has come to the aid of many a confused student in the past!

    Like any good one stop shop, Prospects has everything you need to get your head around your career and has an impressive section dedicated to graduate job openings, work placements, self employment and post graduate study. Completely lost? You can even browse jobs by sector and get a real insight into different careers by viewing case studies of people currently in those roles. If you’re looking for some much needed direction, Prospects also offers a Career Planner tool designed to unearth your strengths, skills and motivations and match you to your ideal career. While these tools should be treated with a pinch of salt (they can bring up some strange matches!) they can be handy for giving you some career inspiration. Prospects have a whole section on how bilingual students can be desirable candidates, so if you’d like to develop your English Language Skills, you know where we are! Current students should also give Prospects a try too, they have some great tips about student life, finances and years abroad for those whose graduation is just a distant dream.


    We know you’re hoping for big things and bright careers and these guys know that too, hence the creation of a huge site designed with one thing in mind, great graduates, great jobs. Like Prospects, Milkround is bursting with information about careers, applications and basically deciding what to do with your life! Milkround slightly differs from Prospects though in that it is first and foremost a job site, so don’t be surprised if you find a generous sprinkling of job boards in with all the friendly advice. Milkround also keeps you up to date with all the latest graduate news and is a great pick me up for students feeling a little disillusioned with the job hunt.


    While graduates might be in need of a little direction, prospective undergraduates face similar challenges and even if you’re not at the stage of planning your career in detail, choosing a course and institution can still be a difficult decision. UCAS is always on the lips of every university applicant in the UK around summer/autumn time and it’s because UCAS are essentially the golden gates standing between hopeful prospective students and the university they really want to attend. Yes UCAS act as the go between for applicants and universities but they also help students make the right choice about what to study before their application is fired off. Although this feature is obviously geared towards people applying for an undergraduate course (post graduate courses often require graduates to apply directly to the department), choosing the perfect under graduate course for you can mitigate the need to complete a conversion course upon graduating to go into the career you really want. UCAS even have a section for parents to quell the worries of you flying the nest…

    Target Jobs

    This site lists jobs by sector as well as allowing you to browse individual employers so it’s a great site for graduates who know exactly what they’re looking for. Target jobs excel in giving visitors the inside know-how on top companies through interviews with professionals in competitive fields and forums for discussions and advice from other graduates. While we think Prospects is a little more user friendly in terms of careers advice, Target Jobs does exactly what it says on the tin and lists graduate jobs and employers in a digestible way.

    We know some of you are probably as clued up as can be with your future career, but these sites are still great for giving you a real insight into your chosen profession. Don’t forget, there’s smaller sites out there too such as Graduates Yorkshire which often list regional jobs with smaller- medium sized companies if the global graduate recruiters don’t appeal.