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    How you can improve your language skills and make money at the same time

    A lot of international students want to improve their English once they are in the UK. Taking lessons is obviously a great way to get better but there are other options to consider too.


    There are actually a few ways that you can improve your language skills and make money at the same time. Earning extra money is something lots of students want whilst studying and is something that we’ve written about before here at NCG.


    But being able to hone your English language skills and make money at the same time allows you to kill two birds with one stone. Here are some ideas on how you can do just that.


    Work in retail

    The retail sector involves a lot of communication between you and customers so it will provide ample opportunity for you to flex your English skills. Don’t worry, people will be incredibly patient with you so you don’t have to be too concerned about getting things wrong. Using English in everyday life, and with English people, is actually the best way to improve and practice your English and you’ll be paid for the privilege!


    Tutor others

    Once you’ve got your English skills up to a good enough level, you could earn money by tutoring others. If you have a subject you’re particularly good at, whether it’s Maths, Geography or even your native language, you can earn money by tutoring others. Tutoring also allows you to practice your English skills by close interaction with another. Some tutoring pays very well depending on the student (and often their parents).


    Work on campus

    Working on campus allows you to interact with a whole range of different students – all with differing levels of English. This will allow you to really practice your language skills and earn money at the same time. Whether you work in the university cafe, become a residential advisor or take a job within the student council, communicating in English will be a major part of your role.


    Lots of students who attend our English Language School worry about their English skills but by putting yourself out there and practicing with everyday conversation, they soon see their skill level rise dramatically!