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    Debunking Some Common Myths About Student Life in The UK

    Studying in the UK is fantastic, and thousands upon thousands of students seem to agree every single year. It’s one of the top destinations to study around the world, with hundreds of high class institutions and an abundance of opportunities to offer international students.


    However, there are many myths surrounding student life in the UK, so we at NCG wanted to set the record straight. For any students looking to enrol on an English speaking course in the UK, we wanted to help you separate fact from fiction when it comes to what student life is really like…


    It’s really expensive to study in the UK

    Unfortunately if you don’t plan ahead and budget carefully then studying anywhere can suddenly turn into an expensive trip. But if you take the time to put in some careful research and planning, you’ll find that there’s an abundance of affordable options around. You can look into studying in the UK for a single term or semester instead of staying for the whole year if you think this may be too costly. Also, there will be a variety of student funding opportunities available to help make the cost of your studies abroad more manageable.


    Your experience studying in the UK won’t matter

    For some reason there’s a common misconception that studying abroad won’t really matter as far as employers are concerned. However, this is far from the truth, because international experience is actually really valuable and often essential for many global employers. Not only will you greatly improve your confidence from studying in a culturally rich environment, you’ll also gain invaluable experience, and a whole heap of skills that are really appealing to any potential employer.


    Making any friends will be difficult

    Of course it can be quite daunting to study abroad in a whole other country. You might start to feel nervous about not being able to make friends, or start worrying about being lonely during your studies. However, with thousands of students deciding to study in the UK every year, you definitely won’t find yourself alone. Meeting like minded people won’t be a problem, and you’ll soon find yourself expanding your social circle in no time. Keep in mind that many other students travel alone as well, and they’ll be just as eager as you to form new friendships.


    It can be dangerous to study in the UK

    Again, it’s perfectly reasonable to get anxious and start to worry when you decide to study in a new country, but the UK is actually one of the safest student destinations in the world. Although there are certain areas considered more dangerous than others in the UK, by and large there will be nothing for you to worry about. Every single student programme is thoroughly checked in order to ensure any safety standards are met, and of course no study program would ever be approved if there was any threat to the safety and well-being of the students.

    Student life in the UK can be a rich and rewarding experience both academically and personally, and of course it’s also ideal for those looking to study English.


    You can take advantage of all that student life in the UK has to offer with us at New College Group. Simply Apply to study at NCG today – or contact us for more information.