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    Free IELTS Online Classes

    Master IELTS Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking sections through our online classes in order to obtain the best results in your preparation for university studies. Sign up below to join and get access to free online IELTS weekly webinars.

    IELTS Reading

    The IELTS Reading test, a core component of the IELTS exam, evaluates reading skills in both academic and general contexts. It consists of three sections and 40 questions. The Academic Reading section assesses the ability to comprehend and analyse complex academic texts.

    IELTS Writing

    The IELTS Writing exam assesses a candidate’s ability to express themselves in written English. It comprises two tasks, both tasks evaluate grammar, vocabulary, coherence, and overall writing proficiency.

    ILETS Listening

    The IELTS Listening exam evaluates a candidate’s ability to understand spoken English. It consists of four sections, each with different types of audio recordings. Test-takers answer a range of questions while listening, assessing their ability to grasp main ideas, details, and specific information.

    IELTS Speaking

    The IELTS Speaking exam assesses a candidate’s spoken English through a face-to-face interview. It consists of 3 parts: Part 1 involves answering questions about personal life and interests. Part 2 requires delivering a short speech based on a prompt. Part 3 involves discussing issues, evaluating fluency, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

    Your IELTS Teacher

    The online masterclass course will be led by an experienced teacher with expert knowledge of the exam.

    Pedro Almeida

    Meet Pedro Almeida, a highly qualified English language and IELTS expert with a Delta certification. With 18 years of teaching experience, Pedro has shared his expertise teaching English courses around the world.

    Please check out the schedule below for the release our next four IELTS Webinars – more sessions will be announced soon!


    May Wednesday 1st IELTS Writing – Task 1 – Describing a Process
    May Wednesday 8th IELTS Speaking – Part 3 – Two-way discussion (1st session)
    May Wednesday 15th IELTS Listening – Task type 2 – Matching
    May Wednesday 22nd IELTS Reading – Task type 5 – Matching headings


    Improve your English language skills ahead of sitting the IELTS test and make friends from around the world with NCG. For more information, or if you’d like to apply to study at any of our schools, contact our dedicated team today.