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    Student Testimonials

    We are proud to offer a fun, exciting, and unmissable experience to all of our students. But don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what our students, past and present, have to say about their New College Group experience.

    Student testimonial image

    Leonidas, Cyprus

    The lessons at NCG are interesting and I believe that my English is improving. The staff of NCG are very friendly. I love Liverpool because the people here are very friendly. I am very happy with the social activities because we do a lot of interesting things.  I have a lot of nice memories at NCG.

    Student testimonials - image of student

    Nitchakarn, Thailand

    I decided to choose NCG because my friend told me about it. I studied 12 weeks and lived in home stay. It was very nice family. My room was so cute and clean. Especially, the dogs are so cute. The teachers are friendly and helpful. I have improved my English skills. My best memory is spending time with my host family and my friends.

    Daniela, Brazil

    I have received tips that improved my English and I will use forever. The atmosphere at NCG is really comfy. The staff take care of the students. The social activities here help the student to practice the language and equivalently to enjoy our time. It is difficult to choose the best memory at NCG because everything was incredibly nice, but I would say, that teachers and my class mates were at the top of my expectations.

    Anton, Italy

    I came to Manchester because my brother lives near here and I had a great time inside the school with teachers and mates, there is a good harmony between them. I really enjoyed the skills class and the general English. The best moments were the extra activities. If I have the possibility, maybe next year I would like to try NCG in Liverpool.

    Lars, Germany

    I chose Manchester because is the second more significant city behind of London in United Kingdom and I had been there 3 times but my stay in NCG was a really great experience. I was preparing IELTS exam and Mark was the best teacher that I could have had. One of the best things about NCG is that you can make friends from over the world. Also I visited almost everywhere around Manchester like Liverpool, Chester or Sheffield.

    Hyerin, South Korea

    I met lots of friends from different countries and had some activities. I want to recommend NCG! They have a lot of good teachers and good students who are seriously studying hard. Also the location of NCG is in the city center in Manchester, so we can go to anywhere we want easily. And inside of NCG is really clean and they have new technology.

    Viviana, Italy

    This was my first experience abroad and I think it was very useful. I recommend NCG because the classes are very good, every day I discovered something new. Teachers are very patient and they find a lot of beautiful and useful activities every day. They are friendly and kind with everyone. If you don’t understand something they will explain it again in better way.

    Paolo, Italy

    I lived at homestay and they were very gentle. They make me felt as a member of their family. In the school the teachers are always available for every request and they helped me to reach my goals. I really liked the way in which we had lessons and my college mates were very good.

    Ine, Netherlands

    I was studying English for a month in New College Group Liverpool. I enjoyed the school so much and my English classes. I learnt a lot of and my progress was wonderful! I could practise my English every time, talking with the teacher, other students and the staff. I’m very happy with the course programme and how you can improve your skills daily. It was very helpful, because I wanted to practised more my listening and speaking and I got it! Moreover, I did test weekly because I could see my progress and see what I learnt. It’s a nice referent. I attended almost all social event that NCG organised, it was funny and also good for my English. I loved conversation club and visits around Liverpool. The college and the staff were perfect. I liked all the staff, they were friendly all the time and the other students were very nice.

    Dagmar, Germany

    I am very pleased with the teacher, little classes with a few students, well-organised school and students from different nationalities. I wanted to study more English in Liverpool and talk with a lot of people, and I did it. The teacher was very important to me, and the relationship between teacher and students was good. I attended almost all social events and it was really funny. As well, it was a very good opportunity to speak English and there was a teacher to explain us every time.

    Tiago, Brazil

    My experience in this school was amazing, maybe the most important of my life: studying at NCG Liverpool has been really important and perfect to me. Helen was my teacher. I’m very happy with the teaching, the relationship between Helen and I was perfect, clear and with respect. NCG made me feel safe and happy, they help you with all you need. I joined at social events like club conversation and some trips, they were awesome! I enjoyed every social event and it was very funny.

    Loreta, Spain

    When I arrived at NCG my level was pre-intermediate and I couldn’t hold conversations in English, I was very afraid of speaking with people from different countries. My teacher helps you to speak in class with your classmates doing exercises and games. My teacher helped me with my curriculum vitae checking it. All workers in NCG are very friendly. When you need anything they help you in everything, I felt they cared for me all the time. NCG offers you activities out of the school where you can discover the city and meeting people.

    Wala, France

    When I arrived in Liverpool I could never imagined the good times I was about to have. We had a lot of places to go to visit like Manchester and Chester. Liverpool nightlife is amazing. My teachers Lisa and Hayley were really good. NCG is like a big family and everyone is really friendly. If I could come back it will be my pleasure!

    Mariko, Japan

    I stayed 6 weeks at NCG Manchester. My host family is very kind to me and they make delicious food every day. In class we get along well with the teachers and when we don’t understand, we discuss it in English. I love talking with everyone after school. We are from so many different countries, very international, so many minds! I’m sure if you come you will improve you English. I want to come one more time!

    Riime, Saudi Arabia

    What I like the most is the environment of the school. How I meet students from different countries and cultures and make new friends, there are many special moments and I believe I will come again next summer.  I’m living in the students residence and I’m very happy with my accommodation.

    Janice, Angola

    My overall experience at New College Manchester was very good and exceeded my expectations. I did like the interactive lessons and the availability of the teachers to help us with our weak points in language. I would recommend New College Manchester to my friends.

    Jang, South Korea

    I really loved the teachers and facilities. Some of my teachers became good friends. My relationship with the teachers was respectful. When I arrived, my expectations were to have friends and share activities with them. And that’s what happened because now my best memories are the moments that I passed with my NCG friends. It was definitely worth the experience!


    The teachers are great! All of them are helpful, sympathetic, open-minded and amazing! I’ve never seen them as teachers, they were more like friends. Manchester is a great city and famous for international students, I was feeling at home. I really enjoyed my experience at NCG because now I have a high level of education and I met friendly people from all over the world.


    I have enjoyed my time in Liverpool, which is a beautiful city with charming people. At NCG Liverpool, I felt welcome from the beginning, both staff and teachers had a lovely behaviour and they always have been able to solve any query that I had.


    I think that living in homestay is quite beneficial for listening and speaking skills. My biggest expectation of this school was an efficient education and here, teachers are the kindest people I’ve ever seen. I’d highly recommend NCG. It was a really good experience for me. I’ll never regret about it.


    My expectations of this school were to improve my English, to get more vocabulary and understand better the spoken English. What I liked the most about New College Group are the courses. The relationship between teacher and student was fabulous. I enjoyed very much the way of teaching. It was a very, very good experience for me. I have a lot of memories and I recommend NCG.