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    We are proud to offer a fun, exciting, and unmissable experience to all of our students. But don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what our students, past and present, have to say about their New College Group experience.

    Luisa Oliveira

    “Do something for your dreams!’ I’ve been dreaming of studying abroad since I was 14 years old, then last month it came true. The challenges: traveling alone and traveling abroad for the first time. Therefore, I faced it, I knew it required a brave behavior.
    In my classes I attended the Advanced Level, practicing British English during 30 days with dedication was a worthwhile experience, besides the development is remarkable and the learning is unforgettable. I’ll never forget the culture and places I’ve known there and also my new friends who made these moments much more special. Thanks New College Group for being a fundamental part of my achievement.”

    Gustavo Nogueira Bella

    “Completed! It’s been 4 months on another continent, in another country, with different customs, and other cultures. United Kingdom, England, Liverpool. At only 19 years old, I had the chance to do a language exchange that not only brought me the assurance of something new but also a fresh outlook on the world, on realized dreams, and new plans for the future.”

    In this photo, I’m showing three very important documents to me, they are: – Framed on the wall, my recognition as the Student of the Month for June, for the activities undertaken, the engagement in school, and for achieving results in studies, moving up from intermediate level B2 to advanced level C1.

    My certificate from the Student Council, involving activities like any other student council, except for the fact that I was in touch with Arabs, Thais, Spaniards, Chileans, Brazilians, Lebanese, among other nations. I learned a lot about communication, relationships in different countries, and how to manage things so that the proposed activities were effective.

    Lastly, and most importantly, with the New College Group seal, my course completion certificate. A lesson learned, a phrase that represents this experience, and something that I will carry with me throughout life.


    Mirelli Callegar

    “The idea of travelling alone was terrifying, another country with a different language…Despite all that fear, this experience became the best of my life. Learning about a new culture, meeting new people and places, and most of all, meeting myself like never before has made this trip something unforgettable!”


    We look forward to welcoming you to New College Group to begin your English language study journey. For more information on any of the above, or to discuss your options with a member of our team, please get in touch.