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    Are you getting ready to go to university?

    Our University pre-sessional programme will help you to improve your English and also give you practical help with the kinds of work you need to do at university to ensure you succeed. The programme is focused on how to research, evaluate and communicate your opinions in writing or verbally, which are vital skills at university.

    Our pre-sessional programme can help you begin your university course without preparing for the IELTS exam. Our partner universities accept the NCG pre-sessional certificate for the purposes of admission.

    Focus areas

    In addition to English language, key skills that will be taught include:

    • Recognising and using Academic vocabulary and grammar
    • Understanding authentic texts
    • Lecture note-taking skills
    • Preparing simple presentations
    • How to prepare for and participate in seminars and tutorials
    • Improving critical thinking and independent working
    • How to write different kinds of academic essay and their constituent sections
    • The postgraduate pre-sessional also takes you through all the steps needed to write a thesis

    Who should attend the programme?

    • Undergraduate programme applicants to UK universities who do not have the required IELTS score or do not want to take IELTS.
    • Postgraduate programme applicants to UK universities who do not have the required IELTS  score or do not want to take IELTS.
    • University applicants with a high enough standard in English but who lack knowledge of Academic English or who want additional support and practice before studying at university to ensure they succeed.

    Why take the University Pre-sessional programme ?

    • Provides the benefits of classroom study with the convenience of studying from home
    • Uses the communicative approach through productive activities and the use of break out rooms
    • Evaluates students on a weekly basis through short tests and continuous assessment
    • Prepares students for university focusing on student’s independent study – on how to take notes, give presentations, speak in seminars and tutorials, work in group and more.

    Key facts

    Course duration: The length of your course will depend on your level of English and what kind of university programme you are going on to study afterwards.

    Workload: 21 hours of class with a teacher each week + 10-15 hours independent study

    Passing the course: All students will have to pass their final assessments in order to pass the course and proceed to a university.


    Students who do not pass the first time will have the option to resit/redo their assessment.

    How to apply?

    Apply through our application link.

    You can also download our application here and to apply, send it to admissions@newcollegegroup.com

    If you have any questions, please get in touch with us admissions@newcollegegroup.com

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