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    4 Ways to Improve Your Student Life in The UK

    At NCG, we know how exciting coming to the UK to study English on an English speaking course can be. However, there are things you can do to make the overall experience even more enjoyable and productive. With this in mind, we’ve got 4 ways that you can improve your student life in the UK…


    Be as proactive as possible

    It sounds obvious but it can be all too easy to forget the importance of being proactive with your learning during your time as a student. Makes sure that you take the time to explore other fields of academic learning and passions that might interest you while you study. Try to get enough sleep and reduce that caffeine intake so that you’re refreshed and wide awake when you attend classes. Also, stay on top of your work, don’t leave yourself with no time to complete something because you’re rushing it the night before.


    Try new things and meet new people

    Student life in the UK will give you the opportunity to take advantage of many things that could enrich your experience outside of the classroom. Your time as a student will give you the chance to indulge freely in your hobbies and interests or to find new ones. You’ll be able to connect with people from a spectrum of diverse educational and cultural backgrounds. Really make an effort to push yourself out of your comfort zone during your student life in the UK, meet people and try as many new things as you can.


    Take good care of your health  

    Student life in the UK will not be as pleasant as you’d hoped for, if you don’t make sure that you look after yourself both physically and mentally during your studies. As mentioned, it’s really important that you get enough sleep so that you can keep your mind focused and alert. Exercise on a regular basis and eat healthy fresh food as often as you can. If you deprive yourself of sleep, don’t exercise, and constantly consume junk food then your learning will start to suffer.


    Always ask for help when you need it

    If you ever start to feel stressed, overworked or you just need some advice and a friendly chat during your studies, then make sure you always ask for help. You’ll have access to a range of resources and people who will be able to offer you all the help you need when it comes to managing your studies, offering you guidance, and counselling should you need it. Even if you just start to feel homesick or tired then make sure you reach out to people.

    Looking after your mental health is always important, and there is no shame at all in admitting that you are having a tough time. Everyone needs some helpful advice from time to time, so remember that you’re not alone.


    At NCG, we want to make sure that your student life in the UK is the best possible experience it can be. You can enrol on an English language course with us, and learn at your own pace, amongst like minded students.

    Whether you’re interested in a General English Course,  FCE and CAE Preparation, or IELTS Preparation – we’re here to help.

    Simply contact us for more information.