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    5 reasons why you should learn English in the UK

    With English being one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, working towards speaking it fluently can open lots of doors for you in the future. When it comes to learning a new language, we all have ways of studying that work best for us as individuals.

    However, learning to speak the language in its native country can have huge benefits that will not only help you learn it faster, but will give you a much more fluent understanding of the language too. These are our top reasons for why you should study English in the UK.


    The best choice of English courses

    The UK has more English language courses than any other country, so finding one that suits your preferred learning style, budget and location shouldn’t be too hard.

    Language schools in the UK are highly accredited, undergo regular checks and offer lots of different levels of learning from complete beginners to professionals who want to refine their grasp of business language.


    Immersion is best for learning

    If you choose to learn English in your home country, there’s no doubt that you will make some progress, but there’s a good chance that you will only be speaking English when you’re in the classroom. Whilst learning English in the UK you have the huge advantage of being surrounded by the language. Your learning won’t stop when your lessons do.

    You’ll hear English being spoken on the streets, when you go sightseeing, and, if you’re coming to the UK to study English for the summer, there’s a good chance that English will be the only common language between you and all the new friends you’ve made.


    Experience the culture that goes with the language

    One of our favourite reasons why you should study English in the UK; experiencing the culture and seeing the iconic sights of the country make learning the language much more exciting and enjoyable. By choosing to study at NCG, you can choose to learn English in Manchester, take a summer course in Liverpool, or attend one of our themed Summer Schools which offer planned sightseeing trips designed to complement and enhance your learning.

    As well as making new friends from across the world and learning a new language, you’ll also get to tick off some of those iconic sights on your bucket-list.


    Learn hard things the easy way

    Going hand in hand with being surrounded by the language, learning English in the UK can really help you with some of the harder aspects of the English language. Although English doesn’t come top of the list of languages that are hard to learn, it’s quite high up there.

    Learning English in the UK and being surrounded by native speakers can help you with things like emphasis and pronunciation which are two of the most notoriously difficult things to get to grips with.


    It’s great for your future

    We mentioned earlier that English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. It’s the official language in over 80 countries and is spoken in 105 other countries across the world – that makes it a great tool for communication wherever you are.

    Learning English is a great investment in your future, not only does it open the doors for a more diverse choice of higher education opportunities, but it’s also very highly regarded by employers and international businesses.


    If you want to study English in the UK with highly qualified teachers at a pace that suits you, alongside like-minded students, take a look at one of range of English Courses or speak to us to find out more information.