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    Avoiding Stress During The IELTS Exam

    It’s completely normal to be nervous before an exam. And the pressure to pass the IELTS, with the prospect of university acceptance or a successful job application students can get really stressed about passing their IELTS exam. However, this can mean you don’t do as well on your exam and you could even fail. Here’s some top tips for avoiding stress during your IELTS exam.


    Stay in control through preparation

    Preparation is the key to passing any exam. And the IELTS is no different.


    Find everything out you can about the exam before you take it. Do your research on where and when your exam is. If you don’t know where the venue is, do a practice trip so you know how long it takes you. Rushing and getting to the venue late will cause you to lose focus and you may not be permitted to take the test.


    Do your research to see what you are allowed to take into the exam with you. There may be rules regarding bags etc.


    Familiarise yourself with the format of the test. That way you won’t have any surprises. Practice tests are vital and should be part of your revision.


    Slow down

    Give yourself a minute before the exam starts to take a breath and gather your thoughts. Remember you’ve put a lot of preparation into taking this exam. Slow everything down and try not to rush through the exam. Because you’re more likely to make mistakes. Really read or listen to the question that is being asked and think about your answer. By gathering your thoughts before you answer the question you’re more likely to give a coherent answer.


    Eat well and stay hydrated

    How you feel in the exam will have a lot to do with what you have eaten and drank beforehand. Make sure you have a good, healthy breakfast and drinks lots of water. A full stomach will allow you to concentrate throughout your exam. And you won’t be distracted by stomach grumbles! Staying hydrated gives you better mental power and will help you perform well in your exam. You should be permitted to take a bottle of water into the exam with you in order to stay hydrated throughout the exam.


    The main thing to realise with the IELTS is that it’s just an exam and if you prepare well enough for it via an IELTS course then you will do well. Try and relax and if you don’t do as well as you’d hoped you can always take it again!