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    Best Liverpool Libraries To Visit

    Following on from our article about the best libraries to visit in Manchester, we wanted to continue this celebration of literary treasure troves, but this time in Liverpool.

    At NCG, we offer our students the chance to study English by enrolling on an English language course, at our school in Liverpool – so without further ado here are the best libraries to visit if you decide to study in Liverpool.


    Liverpool Central Library

    Liverpool’s Central Library underwent a 50 million pound renovation back in 2013 and since then it’s become a hugely impressive cultural highlight of the city. It’s a place that perfectly blends the classic with the contemporary, from its stunning spiral staircase and traditional reading rooms, to its breathtaking open atrium and skylight.

    Students are treated to thousands of rare books and archives of the city that date back to the 13th century, along with computers that have free access to the internet. You can browse and discover new reading at your leisure in this iconic building, and even attend the occasional storytelling event.


    Sefton Park Community Library

    This relatively small community library may not boast as wide a selection of books as the Liverpool Central Library, however many students simply can’t resist it’s quaint charms. It’s a library that’s the opposite of overwhelming, and you can take in the fabulous faux Tudor design as you browse books in the simple and tidy interior.

    The library is situated quite close to Lark Lane and Sefton Park and makes for a perfect study stop after taking a leisurely stroll on a bright summer’s day. Alternatively, you could take out a book and then settle down for some reading in a bar on Lark Lane, or on a blanket in the park nearby.


    Sydney Jones Library

    The Sydney Jones Library is another wonderful literary oasis, which after being renovated and expanded years ago is now a spacious study location. It offers suites with hundreds of computers, although it’s always best to get there early to grab one during exam times.

    There’s plenty of comfy sofa seats available for readers, to help you sit back and relax during a stressful day. The library also boasts bookable private study rooms and helpful friendly staff, there’s even a cafe downstairs so you can refuel and re-energise for some more reading.


    Harold Cohen Library

    Okay so the Harold Cohen Library was built to cater for students studying within the Faculty of Science & Engineering, Health & Life Sciences, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth an intriguing visit. Not only does it offer a quiet escape to study alone, or to use one of the hundreds of computers inside, it boasts over 500,000 volumes on 12 miles of shelving.

    It’s a large library to say the least, with plenty of resources available and many hidden suites for you to discover should you feel the need. It’s even got a sort of spooky history, as when the library was opened back in 1938, Harold Cohen himself died suddenly on the same day he was supposed to lay the building’s foundation stone.


    Huyton Gallery and Library

    The Huyton Gallery and Library is located in Knowsley, and has a large comprehensive selection of books and resources. Students who choose to visit are treated to a spacious and pleasant environment for browsing and reading.

    As well as having helpful and friendly staff to assist you once again, and ofcourse internet access, the library also has a gallery attached to it that regularly houses exciting exhibitions by local artists.

    If you’re planning on attending our English language school in Liverpool then make sure to give some these great libraries a visit, or even all of them!


    You can Apply to study at NCG today – or contact us to find out more.