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    Learning English For Juniors At NCG

    At NCG, we know that to study English at a young age can have significant advantages. It’s a well-known fact that the younger someone’s mind is, the easier it is for them to absorb and retain new information, and this certainly applies to learn another language.

    Learning a language involves a considerable amount of effort for anyone, and we understand how important it is that young students from around the world, have the best possible experience when they decide to start learning English.


    Understanding the benefits 

    We know that when young people enrol on a English speaking course to start studying a second language, it can not only help them become more creative and adept at solving complex problems, it can also result in them gaining a better understanding of other cultures, expressions and styles of communication.

    NCG wants nothing more than to help juniors appreciate how big the world is, by giving them the best tools to learn and study English. They’ll discover that they are able to communicate with people around the globe, and our English language course can help give a beneficial boost to their overall self esteem, autonomy and confidence.



    What can we offer?

    All of our English language courses for juniors are available in the summer, or anytime of the year.

    We have junior summer schools in Manchester, Dublin and York – where young students can get the chance to experience an amazing, fun filled list of activities, interactive lessons, and exciting excursions, as they study English alongside bright and friendly staff.

    Our juniors at NCG won’t just simply learn English, they’ll get to take in the rich culture of wherever they decide to study, they’ll make new friends from all over the world, and enjoy the enriching experience of a lifetime.

    You can check out any of our year-round mini stay programmes, for groups from age 12 and above in Liverpool and Dublin and 14 and above in Manchester – all year round.


    So, if you’re interested in applying to one of our junior English language schools here at NCG, you can do it easily right here.

    Or simply contact us today for more information.