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    Low grades? Don’t let it hold you back

    If you are hoping to study an English language course at New College Manchester so you can progress onto a UK university, we can imagine you’ll be wondering what your options are with your current range of qualifications.

    International students frequently worry about how the education system in their home country matches up to the entry requirements at UK universities, and whether you’re a top student or your grades are a little lower, we understand that knowing how you compare to UK applicants can be confusing.

    At New College Manchester our consultants are knowledgeable about the UK university system and can help improve your English language skills and subject knowledge so you can progress onto your course of choice.

    There are plenty of options for students who may need to build their subject knowledge before applying to university, so don’t let less than perfect grades put you off! In this post, we’ll show you how you can transform yourself into a top candidate even if you need to work on your study skills before submitting your application.

    Study a Foundation Course

    Our International Foundation Programs in Information Technology and Business and Management are designed to improve both your subject-specific knowledge and your English language skills, making this option perfect for students looking to improve their overall skills before starting university.

    The course takes one year to complete and is designed for students hoping to study a full degree related to Engineering, IT or Business and Management. Upon completion, you can then apply to over 50 universities offering your course of choice in the UK.

    Build Up Your CV

    University admissions officers look for students who display more than academic competence, so use your application as a chance to show that you have a wide range of hobbies and interests and corresponding skills that you can apply to your course. For example, if you captain a football team then explain how this has developed your leadership and problem-solving skills (give examples too!). Equally, get involved in the fantastic range of social and cultural events we hold at New College Manchester to demonstrate that you have a wide range of interests; admissions officers would much rather have a candidate with reasonable qualifications and a varied CV than a student with top marks but little in the way of interests.

    It is also valuable to undertake voluntary work and work experience wherever possible to show you are committed to your future career. Of course, it may be more suitable to carry out work placements in your home country as you may not be eligible to undertake this work while studying in the UK.

    Use Our University Counselling Service

    At New College Manchester we have a dedicated career and university placement service available to all of our students free of charge, so make sure you pay them a visit at least once during your time with us! Like large universities, we understand the importance of a dedicated careers and university advice service, so we offer a comprehensive range of services for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Ask our consultants for help with your applications, university and course advice and personal statement support, we’re here to help and expand your options so make sure you make the most out of this service.

    We hope that’s given you some helpful advice and explained how we can help you submit successful applications at New College Manchester. As always, if you would like any information about our courses then please get in touch with our team or visit our YouTube channel to see our student testimonials.