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    Pre-IELTS vs. IELTS

    IELTS Qualification

    For those looking to study in the UK, increase employment opportunities and develop academically, the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the qualification needed. It is an internationally recognised qualification that many English-speaking universities use as an entry requirement. Similarly, governments use it as a language proficiency guide when issuing visas.

    To get the IELTS qualification you need to take an exam. The exam is very difficult which is why people who are planning to take it often seek help.

    Many people benefit from IELTS preparation which helps them pass their exam. Here at New College Group, we can help you get the get score you need on your IELTS no matter what your plans for the future are.

    There are two routes to getting prepared for the IELTS and the route you take will be determined by your English language skills.

    IELTS Preparation Course

    The IELTS course here at New College Group is ideal for people who want to apply to a UK university and need to achieve their desired score in the IELTS test. Those that benefit most from this course already have a good English language skill level but need help passing the exam and ultimately getting the much-desired qualification. To be accepted on the course your English level should be at least strong intermediate.

    Our intensive IELTS course is designed to help you get the score that you need for entry to your dream university. The course comprises of 20 hours per week with an option to have 5 extra hours of general English classes. Your course can last anywhere from 2-45 weeks depending on your requirements.

    Areas of study include:

    • How to approach the tasks/questions
    • What the examiners are looking for
    • Preparation for the writing tasks
    • Managing your time in the exam
    • Examples of good and bad answers

    The IELTS course is available at our Manchester and Liverpool language schools.

    Pre-IELTS Preparation Course

    If you’re looking to take the IELTS exam but your English language skill level is quite low, we have a specially developed Pre-IELTS course here at New College Group. This course is for students who are not yet ready to take a standard IELTS preparation course.

    The course is intensive and lasts for between 10-15 weeks. Students on the course will have four hours of classes per day. The course focuses on increasing your overall English skill level. You will also develop an understanding of the IELTS exam sections and requirements.

    Other areas of study include:

    • Development of study skills
    • Improvement of vocabulary
    • Practising note taking
    • Increasing knowledge on IELTS test topics such as health, education and culture

    This course is only available at New College Group and is subject to availability. You can study Pre-IELTS courses in Manchester or Liverpool.

    In Summary

    To summarise, if you’re wanting to take the IELTS exam and you have very strong English language skills you should take out IELTS course. However, if you’re English level is quite low, you should take our Pre-IELTS course. Contact us at New College Group to get started on one of our courses.