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    Private English Classes Vs. Group English Classes: Which Should I Choose?

    Here at NCG, we offer both private English classes and group English classes. Both offer excellent learning opportunities. However, depending on the student, some find one type of learning experience more beneficial than the other.

    Looking to take an English course? Take a look at the benefits of both group classes and private tuition below.

    Benefits of Group English Classes

    More interaction

    Having the chance to interact with classmates is a great way to improve language development. You can join in on discussions, debates and get more practise speaking and listening.

    Making friends

    You have the opportunity to make friends with your classmates which is an added bonus to learning a new language. Improving your social connections will, in turn, improve your language skills as it will give you extra time to practise your English conversational skills.

    Others might ask important questions

    When you’re learning you’ll no doubt have questions you want to ask but other students may ask questions you haven’t thought of. This allows you to expand your knowledge and gain useful information you might not have got otherwise.

    The questions and additional information from the other learners in class can add extra information that the instructor didn’t plan on teaching.

    Less pressure

    Learning in a group can take the pressure off you as you are not the sole focus of the teacher. This can also give you more time to digest the information you’re getting.

    Benefits of Private English Classes

    Personalised classes

    Private classes have the benefit of being completely personal to you and your learning style. The tutor can tailor the lessons to suit just you without worrying about other students.

    Flexible times

    You may have a full-time job or other commitments that might get in the way of your language classes. Group classes are usually on set days and at set times whereas private classes can be more flexible and will work around your schedule.

    More focused teaching

    When it’s just you and a tutor, you get a much more focused teaching experience. 100% of the attention is on you which can help you progress much quicker. The tutor will also be able to highlight any areas in which you’re struggling and tailor the lessons accordingly.

    The lessons move at your pace

    Because it’s just you in the class, the lessons will move at your pace and no one else’s. 

    Good for shy students

    If you feel intimidated learning a new language amongst a group of strangers, you might feel more comfortable with just you and a tutor. Shy students often feel the benefit of just having one person to practise speaking in front of.

    Whether you prefer group English courses or private English lessons, we provide both here at NCG. Contact us to find out more.