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    Reasons To Take The IELTS Examinations

    What is the IELTS?

    If you’re planning on studying abroad, it is a good idea to take the IELTS examinations. The IELTS is an English language test that is commonly required by schools and companies. It is widely accepted around the world. It is used to prove proficiency in English for those who have English as a second language.


    Why you should take the IELTS


    It doesn’t just help you get into university

    The great thing about taking the IELTS is that it helps you in different stages in your life. Not only will it help you get into your chosen university, but it is also something that will help you with future employees and job opportunities and even immigration applications.


    Worldwide recognition

    IELTS is the most widely recognised examination across the world. Over 9,000 organisations in more than 135 countries accept the IELTS. These include professional bodies, education institutions and government bodies.


    Helps you with your English skills

    The most obvious reason to take IELTS is to improve your English language skills. The test helps you with all aspects of your language skills including speaking, listening, writing and reading. You’ll be able to practice everyday language skills to ensure you’ll be able to communicate with your fellow students in the classroom, colleagues at work and when you’re out and about.


    It helps you assess your current language skills

    The IELTS is an incredibly accurate examination which means you’ll be able to see where your current language skill level lies. The results are very consistent so there’s little chance of getting an incorrect test score.


    You can choose between two types of test

    The IELTS isn’t just made up of one type of exam. You can choose between IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training. The type of test you take depends on your own personal aspirations. If you are taking the IELTS for a university or job application you should take the Academic test. If you would simply like to improve your English for travel or immigration purposes, the General Training should be sufficient.


    You can take the test almost anywhere

    You can take the IELTS in over 900 approved locations around the world. You simply register online in your own country and get sent confirmation of your nearest test centre. There are also multiple dates for testing throughout the year for your convenience.


    If you’re preparing to take your IELTS, we created a brief study guide telling you how to stay motivated whilst you’re studying that you may find helpful. If you’d like to learn more about how to take the IELTS you can contact our English Language School for help.