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    Relocating To The UK For Work? How English Lessons Can Help With The Move

    Finding yourself with the opportunity to move abroad for work can be incredibly exciting. Moving to the UK especially can be an excellent career move. Of course, there are some obstacles to overcome when relocating for work, such as adjusting to a new culture and leaving family and friends behind. But the biggest hurdle for many is learning the language.

    Having a really good understanding of the English language is something many already have but it can be helpful to have refresher lessons before you start your new job. Especially lessons that are tailored to a corporate or work environment.

    Conversational English and corporate can differ in many ways. And depending on your work opportunity, it can be difficult to fully understand the lingo used in a work environment.

    That’s why here at NCG, we provide custom corporate English courses that can help prepare non-native English speakers for work in the UK.

    We have a range of English courses that are designed for different kinds of jobs. So no matter type of career path you’re looking to take, you’ll have confidence in your language skills. Different types of industries use different styles of speaking and can have varied vocabularies. Our courses teach you these words and the different ways of speaking and writing that you may not be used to.

    Here are some of the courses we provide:

    • International Legal English
    • English for Construction
    • English for Aviation
    • English for Finance
    • English for Marketing
    • English for Media Production
    • English for Military
    • English for Oil & Gas
    • Executive Management Program
    • Teaching Knowledge Test
    • Business English


    Taking advantage of our corporate English courses can allow you to really excel in your new job opportunity and gives you the opportunity to brush up on your existing English language skills.
    Those are undertaken our corporate courses have increased confidence and see an improvement in their reading, writing, listening and speaking English skills. To learn more about our custom corporate English courses or to apply, contact us at NCG.