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    How To Stay Motivated While Studying For Your IELTS

    One of the most difficult aspects of being a student is staying motivated. There is a lot of studying involved in being a student and it’s incredibly easy to get distracted. But frequent revision is vital to your success. Especially when you’re studying for something as important as the IELTS.

    Whether you feel like you have too much studying to do, you just can’t seem to get started, or you have a poor attention span, here are some top tips on staying motivated while studying for your IELTS.


    Allocate some time for studying

    So many students take the “I’ll get around to it” approach which means they ultimately keep putting it off. By setting aside an allotted time to study, you’re making sure it gets done. Many times you have to force yourself to start because inspiration doesn’t suddenly strike you. You have to motivate yourself. Even if you don’t feel like studying, once you start you’ll soon find that you get into a good rhythm.


    Break it down into small chunks

    Setting yourself the task of revising an entire semester’s worth of notes will no doubt put you off studying. You’ll have given up before you get halfway through. Instead, break up your studying into small sections which are easier to get through. The thought of only having to do little bits will help to keep you motivated.


    Minimise distractions

    With the exception of your laptop, turn off all devices such as your mobile phone so you’re not tempting to browse the internet. If you can, stick to notebooks, a pen and your course textbooks. You’ll be surprised at how much you can get done without getting distracted by the internet.


    Reward yourself

    Our brains react well to reward systems. Tell yourself, for every 30 minutes of studying I do, I’m going to reward myself with a bit of chocolate. In fact, the reward can be anything you like. It could be coffee, a 5 minute Youtube video or even a short walk. Whatever your reward is, it will help to keep you motivated as you study.


    Shower and get dressed

    If you’re not leaving the house and are planning on staying in and studying, you should still get showered and dressed for the day. It’s hard to be productive when you’re sat in bed, still in your pyjamas. Instead, start the day as you would if you were going to university classes or work. And move you study session out of your bedroom and into the living room or your office. You’ll see your productivity increase. (for extra productivity you could even go the library).


    Create a study playlist

    Whilst some people have to study in total silence, others find it helpful to have some sort of music on in the background. Create yourself a playlist that is uplifting and motivating. It will really help you get into a productive and motivated mindset.


    If you’d like more tips on how to stay motivated whilst studying for your IELTS Course, keep up to date with our blog.