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    The Benefits of Taking a General English Course With NCG

    At NCG, we want you to study English in the best way possible, which is why we offer General English courses tailored to help you improve your abilities and develop your core language skills, all whilst making new friends with students from all over the world.

    There are numerous benefits to taking a General English Course with NCG, and we wanted to go through some of them for you, right now…


    Enhancing your core skills

    Taking a General English Course will allow you to focus on and develop all of your core English language skills; speaking, listening, writing and reading. Of course learning with other students makes it far easier to study English, because you’ll be able to constantly listen to and speak English in a group situation. Listening to and practice speaking with other students and tutors in lessons that are designed to give you many opportunities to use English, will help cultivate your confidence. Plus, your knowledge of English grammar and vocabulary will be significantly improved.


    You’ll learn better in a group

    As mentioned, the fact that you’ll be going through your General English Course with other students will make it much easier for you to learn and absorb information. As part of a class, you’ll be able to take part in  group exercises, discussing topics together, asking questions and listening to others. This versatility in the way you study English, will allow you to better understand how you learn best. You’ll retain information easier by constantly interacting with  other students, and then you’ll be able to more effectively use that information for your own independent studying.

    Make clear progress at your own pace

    As you study English on a General English Course with NCG, all of your progress will be clearly defined and assessed on a weekly basis by your teacher. Plus, you’ll even get to discuss your progress one on one with your teacher after every 5 weeks, so that you can clearly see the improvements you’re making and what you need to work on. You’ll also get to study English at your own pace, by choosing how many hours a week you would like to spend studying. This allows you to fully control the intensity that you would like to learn at, so that you never get overwhelmed.


    Meet and make new friends

    While studying on a General English Course, you’ll meet like minded students from all over the world, which will not only enhance your study experience, you’ll also make new friends and potentially form lifelong bonds. As your English language skills develop, you’ll be learning about other cultures as well through the other students in your class. As well developing your teamwork, communication and problem solving skills, you’ll get the chance to see how other students approach things, which can help improve your own learning.


    Gain a certificate of achievement

    If you progress to the end of the course and have at least 80% attendance or above, you’ll earn a New College Group Certificate. This will signify that you are ready to take your English skills to the next level, as not only will you be able to communicate confidently in all contexts, you’ll also be able to effectively communicate with people from many other countries and cultures.

    What are you waiting for? If you want to study English with qualified teachers, at your own pace, with like minded students – then enrol on our General English Course at NCG today.


    Simply contact us for more information.