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    Top Tips For Enjoying Student Life in Manchester

    So, you’re considering studying in Manchester, or perhaps you’ve already enrolled at our English Language School in the city, either way you’ll be eager to make the most of your student life.

    You’ll be feeling a mixture of emotions right now, mainly excitement and apprehension, as you prepare to leave home and become independent as you study English on our English language course.

    Manchester is truly a student capital of learning, creativity and culture, with it having one of the largest student populations in the UK and Europe. It’s such a spectacular place to study English, make new friends, and explore some rich history. So, we wanted to provide you with some tips to make student life in Manchester as enjoyable as possible…


    Explore and get to know the city

    Manchester is a perfect place to study English, but it’s also a great place to visit in general. The city is bright, vibrant and bursting with character. As a student in the city it’s important to take advantage of where you are, and take the time to explore.

    From historical landmarks and museums to eclectic restaurants, bars, shops, there’s plenty to see and do on the city’s streets. Plus, with top transport links in and around Greater Manchester, you’ll easily be able to navigate yourself around.


    Pace yourself

    Socialising as a student in Manchester is very important, but it’s also important to resist the temptation to go out every night and constantly spend over your budget. You’ll find student life in the city far less tiring and stressful if you pace yourself, and stop putting a strain on your finances.

    Set yourself a clear budget, and don’t forget that Manchester has many ways for you to enjoy yourself without over-spending.


    Make use of Manchester’s study spots

    If you decide to study English in Manchester, you certainly won’t be short of any study spots, and it’s important to bounce around them so that you find the perfect place to suit you. Whether you prefer a quiet and comfortable cafe to knuckle down and get some work done, or you like studying with friends in a more lively environment, you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for in the city.

    Manchester is full of fantastic libraries, but also has an abundance of other study places too. Make sure to try as many as you can, as the variety will help to stimulate your brain. Also, picking places close to some coffee, tea, or a quick bite will keep you energised for those longer more intense study sessions.


    Speak with as many people as possible

    The idea of moving to a new city and trying to make new friends can be daunting, however getting the chance to connect with like minded people is a breeze when studying English with NCG in Manchester. It’s always recommended that you attend as many social occasions and events as possible during your studies, as you’ll get the chance to speak with people from different countries and backgrounds.

    Participating in social activities with like minded people will make your time as a student feel so much richer, and you’ll end up making friends for life. Plus, NCG’s English Language School is in the city centre of Manchester, so you’ll be ideally placed in the social student scene.


    Get more organised

    It may sound counter-intuitive to having fun, but putting together a schedule to plan out your daily and weekly routines both during and away from your studies is hugely beneficial. Being organised will help to lower feelings of anxiety and help you lead a healthy student life as you study English.

    You might prefer a simple handwritten timetable, or using one of many popular planning apps. Whatever your method, making sure that you know what you’re doing and when, will alleviate any unnecessary stress from your student life, and help you to get settled in Manchester.


    Don’t panic and enjoy yourself

    Okay, it might be cheating a bit that one of our tips for enjoying your student life in Manchester is to actually – enjoy yourself! But all too often those studying in the city can let the pressure get to them and forget that being a student is a wonderful time of your life. It’s a time of learning, exploration and discovery.

    When you study English in Manchester, you’ll want to look back on your time with a smile, so it’s important to savour every moment of it and experience every opportunity given to you. You might feel stressed with worry from time to time, but there will be plenty of help available during your time as a student. NCG has the skills and knowledge to signpost you to anything that you need.


    There’s so many reasons why you won’t find it difficult to enjoy student life in Manchester, including plenty of non-academic ones. Following these tips can just ensure that you make the most out of that enjoyment.

    Manchester is also a great place to study for your IELTS – you can prepare for your IELTS test by enrolling on one of our IELTS courses in the city.

    Or if you’re simply interested in enrolling as a student at our English Language School in Manchester, then you can apply to study at NCG today, or contact us to find out more.